Monday, May 10, 2010

Science Book Challenge 2010

At the risk of overextending myself on another challenge, I have decided to sign up for the Science Book Challenge 2010 being hosted for the third year by  However, I don't think it's a big deal because 1) it's only 3 books, 2) it lasts all year, and 3) I already started reading one of the books.

Here are my choices for this challenge:
The Triumph of Evolution...And the Failure of CreationismHow It Ends: From You to the UniverseWhat's Eating You?: People and Parasites
1. The Triumph of Evolution and the Failure of Creationism by Niles Eldredge
2. How It Ends: From You to the Universe by Chris Empey
3. What's Eating You?: People and Parasites by Eugene Kaplan

I love to read non-fiction books like science books (since that is what I do, after all) but I find that they very easily crowd out the fiction books if I'm not careful.  When I was younger I gravitated more towards fiction -- I think in part because reading non-fiction felt too much like schoolwork.  But now I seem to crave them!