Thursday, January 1, 2015

Deal Me In 2015: Roster of Stories and Giveaway Results

Happy 2015!

Hope you've got your eyes in this morning, because there's reading to be done!

Here is my 2015 Deal Me In roster of short stories for your perusal, and my personal record-keeping. By the way, in case you don't know, the person whom we have to blame thank for this adventure each year is Jay, over at Bibliophilopolis -- check out his blog if you don't have it on your blogroll already!

Spades: Best American Short Stories 1964
A: "Birthday Party" by Shirley Jackson (recommended by Jay) (Week 15)
2: "The German Refugee" by Bernard Malamud (recommended by Katherine and Dale) (Week 19)
3: "Mr. Iscariot" by Richard G. Brown (recommended by Dale)
4: "The Broomstick on the Porch" by Frieda Arkin (Week 2)
5: "Upon the Sweeping Flood" by Joyce Carol Oates (Week 9)
6: "Have You Seen Sukie?" by Robert Penn Warren (Week 14)
7: "The Names and Faces of Heroes" by Reynolds Price
8: "Mule No. 095" by Kimon Lolos
9: "To a Tenor Dying Old" by John Stewart Carter
10: "A Long Day's Dying" by William Eastlake
J: "Simple Arithmetic" by Virginia Moriconi
Q: "Black Snowflakes" by Paul Horgan (Week 22)
K: "A Story of Love, Etc." by Daniel Curley

Clubs: Best American Short Stories 1986
A: "Monsieur Les Deux Chapeaux" by Alice Munro (recommended by Jay)
2: "The Rich Brother" by Tobias Wolff (recommended by Katherine)
3: "Basil from Her Garden" by Donald Barthelme (recommended by Candiss) (Week 4)
4: "Janus" by Ann Beattie
5: "Telling" by Grace Paley (Week 5)
6: "Three Thousand Dollars" by David Lipsky (Week 10)
7: "Today Will Be a Quiet Day" by Amy Hempel (Week 20)
8: "Communist" by Richard Ford
9: "Gossip" by Frank Conroy (Week 13)
10: "Star Food" by Ethan Canin (Week 6)
J: "Lawns" by Mona Simpson
Q: "Invisible Life" by Kent Nelson (Week 18)
K: "The Convict" by James Lee Burke (Week 24)

Hearts: Best American Short Stories 1989
A: "The Black Hand Girl" by Blanche McCrary Boyd (recommended by Jay)
2: "Why I Decide To Kill Myself and Other Jokes" by Douglas Glover (recommended by Katherine)
3: "The Management of Grief" by Bharati Mukherjee (recommended by Candiss)
4: "Customs of the Country" by Madison Smartt Bell
5: "Disneyland" by Barbara Gowdy (Week 21)
6: "The Boy on the Train" by Arthur Robinson
7: "The Letter Writer" by M.T. Sharif
8: "Meneseteung" by Alice Munro
9: "The Concert Party" by Mavis Gallant
10: "Ralph the Duck" by Frederick Busch
J: "Living To Be a Hundred" by Robert Boswell
Q: "Strays" by Mark Richard (Week 3)
K: "Aunt Moon's Young Man" by Linda Hogan

Diamonds: Best American Short Stories 1994
A: "In the Gloaming" by Alice Elliott Dark (recommended by Jay and Dale)
2: "This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona" by Sherman Alexie (recommended by James and Candiss) (Week 1)
3: "Nicodemus Bluff" by Barry Hannah (recommended by Katherine) (Week 7)
4: "We Didn't" by Stuart Dybek (Week 8)
5: "Battling Against Castro" by Jim Shepard (Week 12)
6: "Proper Library" by Carolyn Ferrell (Week 16)
7: "Cold Snap" by Thom Jones
8: "Where I Work" by Ann Cummings
9: "Samel" by Robert Olen Butler
10: "The Chasm" by John Keeble
J: "Things Left Undone" by Christopher Tilghman (Week 11)
Q: "The Mail Lady" by David Gates (Week 23)
K: "The Prophet From Jupiter" by Tony Earley (Week 17)

And associated with the production/assembly of my roster was a giveaway open to everyone who left a comment on my initial DMI 2015 post, or who helped me publicize the giveaway. So this morning I put the names into a real hat (there weren't enough entries to warrant going the digital route, and pulling a slip of paper out of a hat is WAY more fun) and the winner of the $25 Amazon gift card is:

(These people are giving me the requisite drumroll - ha)

KATHERINE at The Writerly Reader!

I'll be in touch with her to get the gift card sent in a timely fashion, and thanks to everyone who helped me put my roster together.


  1. Congrats to Katherine, and to you for coming up with your final list. I now will look forward to reading all about them. At year end, you should do another giveaway for whichever recommended story you enjoyed the most... Just kidding. :-)

    1. Well, you shouldn't tempt me on that.... because I do really, really, like giveaways! :-)